Founded in 2011, CoFoundersLab has been dedicated to assisting entrepreneurial-minded individuals in gaining access to the tools they require in order to succeed. Since then, CoFoundersLab has been the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs using technology and AI algorithms to make connections in the business world seamlessly and efficiently.

The CoFoundersLab team is aware that building a company from the ground up is not easy, and it all begins with a strong foundation — a team. Over the years, our global community has been home to over 625,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to either build a startup or help grow one. We specialize in facilitating creative entrepreneurial partnerships in a platform designed to enable members to meet like-minded individuals through connections with others in the same field. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind global innovation and progress, which is why we live and breathe to support this community.

CoFoundersLab takes pride in developing an ecosystem of diverse company products and services from the formation stage to investment. We support founders and investors in establishing successful enterprises by connecting entrepreneurial-minded individuals to collaborate seamlessly and conveniently through its full stack of products. By joining CoFoundersLab, you become a part of a global ecosystem that provides access to a broader network of resources, including education, finance, mentorship, and partnerships.

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In CoFoundersLab I have found a community of passionate founders and advisors who help each other by sharing their experiences with direct feedback that allows a founder to grow and develop their company to its potential. Its been my favorite group to network with like-minded professionals.

Heather Dawson / CEO of Xiggit

Heather Dawson

CEO, Xiggit