Aji Abraham

Last updated on July 21st, 2017

I get quite a lot of requests from entrepreneurs looking for a CTO/tech founder. Main things I have found very useful in deciding if its worth pursuing: 1.... More

Daniel Kaza Founder at Softup

July 21st, 2017

I would suggest to Call the references. Check out their past work. Ask to work with them for a period of time just to get a feel for their work. Some... More

Bill Lennan Red Rope Social - everyone is an influencer.

July 21st, 2017

It could be as simple as product hunt's audience isn't your user demographic. Who are your rabid fans? Also - paid traffic isn't a real metric of... More

Brooke Wentz CEO, Founder at Seven Seas Music

July 21st, 2017

Hi - I had a similar issue, and simply emailed the advisor the following: Since we haven’t been able to connect and you seem occupied by other... More

Abduljabbar Zia Usman CEO, project manager, explorer

July 21st, 2017

try gofundme.com
Forget about “build it and they will come.” Products without scalable distribution channels will fail to gain traction. Instead of hiring an expensive marketing team, take this course to master SEO, content marketing, retargeting, viral loops, email marketing, and sales funnel optimization.

Felipe Miranda Founder at Infinity Trend Ltd. Making Sustainable Fashion mainstream

July 21st, 2017

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” ― Mike Tyson Just launch it and listen carefully of what the market is... More

Nishant Shukla I am the wizard of angular and node

July 21st, 2017

You should try startup portals like this and search the person with delightful thoughts. You might be creator, investor or communication person. More

Steve Owens

July 21st, 2017

- Stick with established companies that have been in biz for years. - Call their references. - Make sure their customers look like you. - Jointly... More

Shibu Kurian

July 21st, 2017

Hi, could you share me details of your site & a brief about it, an elevated pitch on what you perceive the product is all about. Moreover pitching... More

Michael Harrington Curiosity to know. Discovery to do.

July 21st, 2017

Indiegogo, StartEngine, and WeFunder. You need to talk to each of them to answer your questions. -- Michael Harrington michael@harrington.com *www.tukaglobal.com... More

Barry Burr founder, Barry Beams llc, a startup to re-light your night.

July 20th, 2017

Equity bottom-feeders are out there. Most if not all startup founders who gain traction with their ventures encounter them along the way. Never sign... More

Mike Moyer

July 20th, 2017

There's no way to guess, in advance, what everyone deserves. You are building a asset that you hope will create value in the form of profits or a... More

Josh McCormack Owner, InteractiveQA - Marketing, Web Dev, Testing, Data & Market Analysis

July 20th, 2017

The opposite is to make your offering so secure and bullet proof that no outlier client is going to bleed you dry. And no one will be super excited... More

Rob Hirsch Traveler, nature lover, storm chaser, entrepreneur, & epic sleeper

July 20th, 2017

Starting a company & marketing are about tests. See which of 5 marketing tactics generate the most traction and optimize the most promising to... More

Sudeep Bhatnagar I develop apps, talk apps, live apps.

July 20th, 2017

Mobile Apps Pros:- 1. High performance, fast, ability to work offline, keeps handy on device. 2. Can best utilize device resources (GPS, camera, accelarometer). 3.... More


July 20th, 2017

My precious baby product which I have spent last 12 months working on just bummed on ProductHunt. It became obvious after 24 hours since I have posted... More

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July 20th, 2017

It's good that helps you to validate the user needs; to meet their needs before building it...

Harvey Galvin Scientist turned salesperson. Sell in Med Tech and researching how to help Tech Founders sell!

July 20th, 2017

Hi Sharique 1. You have access to the customers already, so find their pains and the way they word it - "Tell me your thoughts on lead generation"... More


Last updated on July 20th, 2017

Dear Founders, Need a quick advice for a safe and legal approach to our dilemma. Our team have developed software in the logistics space for a large... More

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