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3 Questions about setting a company in Spain or in another country / importing food and licenses

Monica Dominguez Looking for a Salesperson or partner - B2B Coffee

January 30th, 2020

I am thinking whether to register a new company in Spain to import coffee next month and would like to hear your experience and opinion about any of these 3 questions;

1) I have some friends with IT and HR companies there and they told me dealing with Spanish administration, taxes and accounting is a real nightmare, also for hiring people. Any thoughts of this? would you consider other european country?

2) I have a possibility of registering in Singapore too but I will be based in Barcelona and my customers will be mainly in Europe so maybe I should directly register in the place I have my residence. Whats your advice?

3) Also if anyone here had food and beverage businesses... how was the process to get the food/import licenses?

Thank you!!