A question about coworking community or remote coworking community?

Jinyunliang Zhou

October 5th, 2021

Is it appropriate for a coworking community or remote coworking community to expand forever but only building coworking relationship and never build employment relationship? Coworking relationship means a community of freelancers or solopreneurs sharing solutions (code, script programs etc.) to each other, guiding each other's work without doing the work for them (members doing similar jobs) and outsource unfamiliar works to each other (members doing different jobs). The members of a coworking community are not necessary need to sit in the same office.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 5th, 2021

Probably not. There are so many things that are done better by internal employees than outsourced services. While co-working is a convenient step with lower risks when a company is in its earliest stages, having a stake in the outcome is a significant motivation for delivering the best work. Ensuring your future employment is one of the reasons employees do quality work. When services are treated like a commodity, you tend to get very average quality, and without a stake in the outcome, your work is prioritized among a collection of other service clients. There's a point at which talent needs to come in-house. Co-working spaces are often first-stop collections of talent, but there's no guarantee those simply adjacent or available are the best value for the job to be done.