A startup of Ex-muslims


Last updated on February 11th, 2020

So you used to think that the book is literally the word of god, then you found out it isn't.

But you didn't dwell on that, yet deep down you know, if it weren't for the internet you will be deep in delusions, and let's admit that is part of why you love technology.....

The 2 biggest issues for a startup are recruiting and culture, a startup that has a mission like "offer Ex-Muslims a home & a ticket out" will make for a very strong culture, and it will make for one hell of a drive for everyone.

Also, companies are not built on a single product, just imagine Apple with a mission that has the word "computers" in it, and a mission that drives people no matter what the problem or the product is the best mission you can ask for.

What do you think guys?