Hi, all.

We're a startup using machine learning to improve a particular space in e-commerce.
We have a VC who seems genuinely interested in investing in us, but there's one problem.
She's invested in a company applying somewhat similar machine learning techniques in a different domain (the founders of that company are supposedly machine learning experts and they're from academia), and although she didn't say it, we obviously came to the conclusion that she wants us to meet with them to see if we check out.
We had a short call yesterday and after chatting with the founders for a little bit and showing them our MVP, I realized two things: (1) they have some of the same challenges we have and (2) they want to know very specific things about our engine.
We have another longer meeting coming up, in which we're supposed to dig deeper into our technology with them.
If the founders were from the firm, I'd be less worried, but in a world where startups pivot all of the time, I'm very worried about openly discussing the specifics of our engine with them, especially given that we've had to solve some challenges that I don't know that they've solved at their company.
Added to that, in our first call, the founders made the meeting like an interview, which felt a bit awkward to me, because I'm not interviewing to join their company ... I just want to give them a good idea about what we're doing, so that we "check out".
I want to call the following meeting off and move on, or bring this up to the investor, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, FD!

Thank you.