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Accepting Users from Affiliate Websites

pauld Private Developer

October 16th, 2020

Good evening,

Next month we will be (re)launching our website. Why the "re"(launch) is long and not important.

Anyway, we have a number of affiliate websites who will be promoting us and I want to capture from which affiliate the customer came from. I have never really done any marketing so I'm going based on what happened at old companies, about 15 years ago.

What I am thinking of doing, from, when a user clicks, two thoughts:

1. Send a coupon code offering, say, 10% off for the first month, or some incentive

2. They get sent to a landing page, not the home page of my site. As an example, which will assign them a coupon which I can track. On this page I say something to the affect of "thank you from coming from, here is 10% off"

Are either of these good strategies? What's a better strategy?


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 16th, 2020

Neither of those is a strategy. They are both tactics. Small incentives are not very effective. Consider what motivates your customer to make a decision in the first place for your type of product/service. If it's only cost, you'll be in a race to the bottom if you start with a discount. Remember that the up-front discount just says you don't need to charge full price, meaning your product isn't actually worth what you're charging.

What you want to do is look for ways to reward the behavior you desire. Look for ways to encourage repetition of that behavior. You're attempting to encourage desirable customer habits, not setting bait. If you start with coupons, you'll have a hard time stepping away from them.

Strategy understands motivation, consequences, and tests assumptions. Tactics are merely ways to deliver strategic decisions. It's a significant difference. If you aren't testing, you're guessing. Do your research directly. List and then test each one of your assumptions. Go to potential customers and find out what motivates them. Research what about your product is going to convince them to make a purchase.

Value. Deliver value, not discounts.