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Advice for finding office space in (East) London?

Stephan von Perger

July 21st, 2013

Hi, just wanted to tap into the experience pool of fellow FD members regarding finding office space in London (focus on East London, Farringdon to Shoreditch).

- Have you come across particularly useful or useless agents?
- How did you deal with the growth assumptions and implied difficulty of signing a 5 yr lease?
- Do you know of any "startups" in the space that focus on London?

I am looking for something that can hold ~10 people for now, but assuming future funding rounds will work out, we might need something bigger already towards the end of 2013.

Thanks, Stephan

Klaus Bravenboer Culture, Business & Brand engineer

July 21st, 2013


I don't have as big a team as you but have been through the journey from starting as 1 person, working from home, coffee shops, Google Campus and then settled in at Innovation Warehouse Farringdon growing to a team of 4. It's a really productive environment and has free meeting rooms which is a huge bonus for my business (FuelStory- brand strategy consulting).

The Innovation Warehouse space can accommodate you. Ami the owner has just repartitioned some private rooms and they have some large spaces that could work for you and expand with your growth. Note I'm just at the final stages of taking them through a rebranding process, which my business partner Peter has dutifully typed up as a series here: the competitive positioning blog would be helpful in your decision making process.

Any questions shoot me a message or contact me on Twitter.


Julie Walker Experienced Entrepreneurial Digital Business Executive

July 24th, 2013

HI Stephen

Have a look at they are a great bunch of guys who have flexible co-working space and a start-up too...


Christopher Pruijsen Independent Consultant

July 21st, 2013

Hi Stephan, The Hoxton Mix is quite good - can introduce you to the founders if you want. C 2013/7/21 Stephan von Perger

Vishal Srivastava Co-Founder & CTO @Keepe

May 28th, 2015 check them out!