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After spending countless hours trying to come up with a name for my start-up that was catchy, only to find them taken already, I finally came up with one that was unique, catchy and available.  I spent a few days running it by friends and family.  Everyone agree it was great.  When i went back, coincidentally it had been purchased just a few days prior.  Given the spelling, I found that very strange.  At any rate, it was gone.

Now the dilemma.  The .com of the name is unavailable, so I purchased it as a .org.  It's a social network type company.  I'm not real thrilled with the .org so I am considering some of the newer extensions, such as .co, .io, etc.  What is your opinion about utilizing one of the newer extensions, utilizing the .org for a company that is for profit, or staying with .com and finding another name.  I really do not want to give up the basic name.  Thanks.