Advice on building a partner program

Jon Flynn Business Value Engineer, Sales Leader, and all round inquisitive tech nerd trying to start a company

June 11th, 2020

I would love to hear thoughts on how to build out a partner program from teh ground up. Partner program encompassing:

1. Reseller/ISV

2. Channel

3. OEM


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 21st, 2020

The most important things for most people who participate in a partner program are usually:

1) what are you doing to NOT compete with your partners?

2) how have you perfected the sales process so I can copy it?

3) how will your efforts feed my channel?

4) what are you doing to educate consumers so I'm not needing to educate them?

Understanding why people join partner programs and what their expectations are helps you to design programs with these considerations in-mind.