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Ada H Happy is the one whos work is his play

October 21st, 2020

Hi Everyone, we are currently looking for partnership with aesthetic equipment (medical devices class II) suppliers to work on new handheld consumer electronics for home use. Any advice how to find suppliers, partners, how to go about NPD, servicing and warranties anything else you think of will be welcome!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 21st, 2020

Well, that's first going to depend on which countries you intend to operate in. Each country has their own regulation of medical devices and devices that can be "home-use" or used without medical supervision.

Are you hoping to be a designer and not a manufacturer? That would make more sense right now since you don't seem to have a background in the complexities of med device production and regulation.

Simply put, go find a med device company that makes things similar to your ideas and try to get a job. In order to have a partnership, you need to be able to offer them something they couldn't do in any way without you. That seems unlikely at this moment, with so little information about you. Most device companies probably are satisfied with their own R&D and aren't looking to source ideas for home use.

If you simply have device ideas that you need someone to manufacture, there are many white label med device companies willing to produce your designs and handle the regulatory applications and repair service, if you pay them for it. In that case, you simply need to find someone willing to collaborate to the degree you need on engineering, and someone whose reputation for durability and quality is very high.

When I used a contract manufacturer to make my med devices, I specified all the components in the design, and set the quality standard for production. As a result, I was able to drive 35 other companies out of business who were not coming close to the quality of my devices, selling in the same category. They were taking the typical production models and putting their names on those, but not solving for the issues consumers cared about.

These things are possible, but you have to be on top of every detail, and you need to follow all the regulations.

Hernan Dario Ferraro Cordoba Algorithms Platforms Investor & property developer.

October 21st, 2020

Hello Ada,

I have some information about it. I have a different ideas in the same industry.

You can call me or email me your details.


Ada H Happy is the one whos work is his play

October 26th, 2020

That's great advice. Would AMID - Association of Innovative Industries of Medical Devices be a suitable advisor to find a suitable manufacturing partner? Many thanks for your feedback