Advice on hiring a Tech Co-founder (London)

Roman Dashkovskyy Founder/CEO, Python expert, ecommerce entrepreneur

July 30th, 2020

I have an eCommerce SaaS start-up that helps build and expand ecommerce businesses that are using the dropshipping business model. Looking for advice on the best way we can find a technical co-founder with start-up experience. Our stack is Python, Flask, Django, JQuery. Any input will be much appreciated.

AShu Co-founder I CTO I Co-adviser I Full stack developer | WebRtc Developer | DevOps

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020

1.first make a pitch deck of your startup

2.make your requirements list with priority .

3. find a tech person in your contact or using any social medium like cofunderslab or any other one .

4.look there profile and if looks great contact him otherwise move on.

5.After a process make a list of people and get in touch to all for shot period of time its depend on up to u or until you both get mutual satisfaction and believe .

6.Also see his thought process and his working style.

7.Its silly one but i tell you no one know everything but as a Co-Founder you have to complete that work no matter how.

Because when i started in startup world i don't know much things but i said my partner i can do any tech work needed for startup by learning in sort time period which i don't know . He liked this reply .

8.Little bit flexible about your requirements like place or anything else.

because some times good person not found on your place.

i know you are thinking you are not goings to merry or not finding any life partner

But think like that you are going to find your business partner with good friendship .

So i say make good friend no matter he will be your co founder or not but at last of search you have one CTO and many friends.

This is a one suggestion by me many other exist ...

I wish you find your nice new CTO



Matt Mansour Technical CoFounder

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020

You're in the right place to find technical cofounders.

You can also post on angellist.co.

It looks like you're a python expert so technically qualifying a tech cofounder should not be too hard.

Be clear on your offer to a solid tech cofounder

  • Sweat Equity or Salary + Equity?
  • Split for all cofounders?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How will you reach her?
  • How much will reaching her (unit cost if possible) cost?

For me if it's sweat equity only then pitch me like you'd pitch a VC.

Is there traction now?

If not, how will you get traction?

What is your marketing plan and how will you get your first 10 to 20, to 1000 users?

It sounds like you have a solid product.

An experienced technical cofounder will be more focused on your ideal client instead of the product.

Be crystal clear on the ideal client and you will attract talented experienced partners.

Best of luck!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 9th, 2020

First, why do you need a co-founder? Would you do equally well with a technical department head who is an employee, not a founder? Remember that co-founders share an identical sense of purpose and goals. A co-founder is not simply your first employee.

There are literally dozens of discussions on hiring a technology head here on CFL. Rather than repeat them yet again, please take a few minutes to search through the discussion history (usually about hiring a CTO), and read what's already been said.