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Advice on how to grow my business

Kevin Jager Founder and Entrepreneur, 10 years experience in food delivery space.

November 25th, 2020

I've an app based Fast Food/Grocery delivery business that has been trading for 2 years now and is "washing its face" in profit. We have turned over £220k since starting trading with over 3000 customers. The issue I'm facing is how to take this forward without serious financial input for staff/marketing etc. I would love to hear from anyone in similar positions who has cracked this?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

December 8th, 2020

Congratulations on some early success. Now of course the question is whether you've tapped the market by finding the low-hanging fruit and all future customers will be harder to acquire, or if you're simply lacking consumer awareness and your popularity would rise if you had greater reach.

What did validating your marketing strategy tell you?

Here's where I'd start. Since you began I'm sure you've learned many things you didn't know before. Go back and make a brand new list of assumptions now that you've had a chance to deal with real customers. You may think you're confident about these assumptions, but I want you to actually test each one individually to make sure you're accurate. Although you have taken steps forward, testing your assumptions again will pop any imaginary ideas about why things are working and highlight areas that need attention.

Go back to your marketing strategy with some perspective and make adjustments about who your audience is, where they are, what they care about, what they're willing to pay under which conditions, etc. Because when you asked people what they "would do" it was probably a bit off from what they actually do. No one ever tells their own future 100% accurately. With this update in your strategy, it should be much clearer what resources will be required to manifest further growth.

Hopefully you've been documenting your experiences with customers throughout your early stage so you have facts and not anecdotes on which you can rely. If not, then by all means start collecting more data. You have a bank of real customers to speak to directly. Start picking up the phone and calling them to learn what you need to know for your next steps. If you're not soliciting detailed feedback (not just a satisfaction survey) you are both missing a huge opportunity and you're just guessing what to do next.

Kotha Abhinay reddy I want to start my startup

December 10th, 2020

Ok first there are social media platforms like YouTube Facebook where you can market your app freely or with minimum price. And you should give some discount on products from your app so people will buy more thanthanthan you r intial stages of your company.