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December 30th, 2012

Hi everyone,

I recently just commissioned an animated video for my education startup,
Academic Wilds. The video was done on a low-ish budget ($1k) and through a
personal contact of mine. It\'s currently at the stage of development where
I can give feedback to the designer/sound team in order to make changes, so
I wanted to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs before committing.

Here\'s the link:

Harsh Patel

January 3rd, 2013

I agree with Gareth.

The biggest piece of feedback I got about our video ( was to include more screen grabs of the actual product.

The first version was just the text + interviews because I wanted to sell people on the fact that other teachers are using the service and liking it. I quickly got feedback saying "what\'s the product?", so I added more screen grabs. Now, people ooohh and ahhh because get the product (still not perfectly though).

So, for what it\'s worth - that\'s the feeling I get seeing your video as well: "What\'s the product?" I think your video would greatly benefit from actual screen grabs of the product. If you\'re going to do that, I recommend showing the product piece by piece, and very slowly.


Sari Louis

January 5th, 2013

Interesting feedback. I\'m going through the process of creating an
explainer video myself, but my feeling was more that it\'s not a demo, but
rather something interesting enough to pique the interest of potential
users and drive them to want to find out more about the product. I\'m
also trying to find the balance between laying out the problem, the
product, and the benefits in 60 seconds: when I talk more benefits, I get
the "OK, but what is it?" feedback; when I say more of what it is, I get
the "What\'s in it for me?" one.

Sari Louis

January 9th, 2013

Along with the animation, I recently shot a promotional video for YumvY.
Again, it\'s not meant to be a demo, but something to give viewers a sense
of what it is, and get them to want to go to the site to find out more. I
would love to get your feedback on it; specifically, whether you get a
sense of what the product does. Thanks!

Mike Stewart Business Development ★ Market Development ★ Technology Commercialization ★ Business Law

January 9th, 2013

I will start by saying that I knew nothing of yumvy before watching the

After watching, my impression is that the website helps make cooking
easier, and more manageable by guiding the cook(s) through recipes The
service can be for people who are not familiar with cooking, or maybe for
people who do cook, but find that when it comes to bigger meals/parties,
they have trouble managing.

The other thing that I saw that I liked was that it was collaborative -
both husband and wife were working together to create the meal.

Overall, I thought it was a well-done and professional video, and now I
want to know more about YumvY!


Michael Brill Technology startup exec focused on AI-driven products

January 9th, 2013

Just to pile on here... put this on your home page today. I\'m really big into cooktech but even I would have probably bounced off your current home page. But if I saw the video, I definitely would have clicked through.

This is a really great idea. Good luck.

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Sari Louis

January 9th, 2013

Thank you all for the great feedback. Truly appreciated!

Peter, you make good points. Perhaps fly-over text would be good. I started
wanting to put more information, but the storyboarding got busy, and I
decided at the end to make something visually appealing enough to get
viewers to the site. It\'s a lot easier there to add/change content,
explanations, etc. At least that was my thought process.

Tony, I\'d love to hear what your wife thinks of the product. The plan is
certainly to make easy to find specialty recipes�one my closest friends has
celiac disease, so Gluten-free is certainly an interest for me as well�but
my primary focus right now is to validate the tech and iterate on the core
features. If your wife has any specific recipes she\'d like to see on the
site, I\'d be more than happy to enter them for her.

Michael, one of the reasons I wanted to make the video is because I found
it hard to grab attention to the product\'s benefits in text-only format�and
small space. I\'ll be certainly putting it up shortly, just timing a couple
of things to coincide at the same time.

Again, thank you all for the feedback!

Sari Louis

January 10th, 2013

Wish there was one of those in the DC-area :)

Ryo Hang Do More

January 10th, 2013

Me too. I am in North Virginia and DC area. Looking for meeting up with local entrepreneur. :)

Coffee, hacking , food , demo, presentation... any kind of meetup would be fine to me.

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Wish there was one of those in the DC-area :)

On Wednesday, January 9, 2013 4:12:47 PM UTC-5, michael wrote:

Mike Stewart Business Development ★ Market Development ★ Technology Commercialization ★ Business Law

January 16th, 2013

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I really appreciate having you guys to
bounce ideas off of.

FYI, here is the final product:


Cory Huff Digital Strategist for Creative Beings and Businesses

December 30th, 2012


Getting feedback is great. Getting feedback from your target audience is
even better. Do you have a mailing list or a small group of loyal customers
who are willing to take an early look?

My business has benefited tremendously from having a small group of loyal
customers who tell me "yeah do that" or "no, that\'s awful."

That\'s just me though...