another query - for those familiar with in-app discounts

Chandra Jacobs Travel and tech entrepreneur and global citizen

January 29th, 2013

Thank you all for answering my SSO and OAuth questions! I\'m still getting a
handle on it all but I\'m better off than where I was before.

Now, another question--

So, part of my business model is to allow vendors the ability to offer
discounts/deals through my app to travelers in the airport. The
implementation of this system I am just beginning to explore. What
technology/service is typically used to offer unique deal codes through
mobile apps? Would a barcode generator suffice (i.e. cocoa touch barcode)?
What other considerations do I have to think about?

Thanks, as usual!

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Shahab Layeghi Software Professional

January 30th, 2013

You need a few steps to do this:

a. A method for the merchant to create an offer (edit on an app or webstie)

b. Create a code and associate it with the offer (could be a random string or a string that the merchant chooses)
c. A way for the customer to find the offer using the app (e.g. match the location or airport)
d. A method for the customer\'s app to display the offer\'s code
e. A way for the merchant to find back the offer from the code�
f. Merchant to apply the discount (or honor the deal)

To make it easier to display and find the offer (steps d & e) you can use something like a QR code generator and decoder, but it\'s not a must have at first. �Since the customer can just show the code that comes up on their app to the merchant, and the merchant can key it manually. �Think of the manual code entry as part of your MVP limitations.

Ultimately you can have another app for the merchant that reads the QR code, alternatively you can let the merchant print�(on paper)�a barcode for each offer they create once, so they can read it with their barcode scanner and apply the discount directly at the POS register. � You might have seen that in some stores they keep a paper with a number of barcodes for different items near the register and the cashier scans the appropriate code as needed. �The current barcode scanners cannot read the code displayed on the LCD on a phone.�

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