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Any free survey website that has a database of individuals willing to respond to surveys?

Amos Addae Sales and Marketing Professional and Customer Service Agent

October 9th, 2016

Hello All, 

I've teamed up with a founder to introduce our new product to the market but before then,  I will want to collect views of customers on their thoughts on the device and what features they think will make it more user friendly to them. I used Google forms to design the questionnaire and have shared with me contacts but less than 15‰ responded; but I need responses from a larger share of my market.  Is there any free website or application that has a database of individuals that I can host my survey on for individuals to respond to? 

My target group is not restricted to any geographical or demographical characteristics,  it consist of individuals from every corner of the world. 

Your responses and recommendations are welcomed. 

Thanks in advance. 

Joice Lu Founder & CEO at Lumiee

October 9th, 2016

Hi Amos, thanks for this questions. I am very interested in the answers too. We just launched a survey last week and looking for more sellers/buyers to participate in the survey. What kind of products? Maybe we can help each other?:)

Amos Addae Sales and Marketing Professional and Customer Service Agent

October 10th, 2016

Hello Lu, The product in question is a household cum industrial device which is not a necessity though but can be acquired by any household who can afford. Let's take it as a blender, its maybe a necessity in the the modernized economy but it's not a necessity. We have an industrial version of it and also a lite/household version of it. Due to the stage of development of our product and our startup permit me not to give out much details of the product. Hope you get the picture. Amos