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Any ideas for how to get an email list of people who own/live on 1 acre or more?

Shawn Elledge B2B Lead Generation Expert

January 21st, 2016

I'm looking for email data on consumers who live on one or more acres of land east of the rockies.
I guess if I cant buy that list as is I cold search by home value but home value doesn't necessarily mean they live on a large lot.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Kelly Kuhn-Wallace Tech startup consultant, founder coach.

January 21st, 2016

Hi Shawn!

Even if you find a service that has this list, you'll probably be better off going DIY for accuracy and price.

The easiest thing I can think of to do is still a multi-step process:
  1. Mine Zillow or similar for addresses of properties that fit criteria
  2. Match addresses with tax records (remove rentals where possible)
  3. Validate resulting name + mailing address against commercial service (many available)
  4. Match emails using similar service, social media API level search,  or DIY brute force
Obviously none of these email addresses would be opt-in.

Depending on your project, you might also consider mailing list rental of companies who serve this sort of property. Fence installation comes to mind.



Michael Brill Technology startup exec focused on AI-driven products

January 21st, 2016

Shawn, if it were easy, it would have been done already. ;-)

I think embedded in Kelly's suggestion is some level of automation.

"Manual work" can almost always be automated for very, very little. As an example, I just had someone build a tool that scraped company names from a few thousand pages, guessed at their domains, looked up specific roles on LinkedIn and then generated/validated emails for them. Certainly not perfect but 4 hours to write a spec, and just a few hundred dollars to implement.

More often than not, the data is out there.

Kelly Kuhn-Wallace Tech startup consultant, founder coach.

January 21st, 2016

Right on, Michael. There would be no way to do this manually. These RE databases aren't too difficult to scrape. Probably could even be set up with one of the newer GUI-driven tools like

Heidi Finn Realtor / Principal Urban Luxe Real Estate

January 24th, 2016

Hi Shawn,

I own a real estate company and this is common for brokers in my company for 'farming lists.' As many have stated, email lists are hard and expensive to come by, but address lists with name of owner, lot acreage, based on city/town/zipcode, assessed value, etc. are easy to come by.  Just drop me an email with your specifications and happy to run the search and send over in Xcel format. 

No Zillow research needed, which is horribly inaccurate anyway!  :)

Scott McGregor Advisor, co-founder, consultant and part time executive to Tech Start-ups. Based in Silicon Valley.

January 21st, 2016

Try Scott McGregor,, (408) 505-4123 Sent from my iPhone


January 24th, 2016

I often start my search with the basics.  You may find insights and ideas to help with your search (and free of charge) about USA ownership, ownership characteristics, owners who rent and other property data free of charge (US links provided below) then look into your email address hunt strategy

Email ‘hunt ware’ and

Mary Baum Digital consultant and web developer to the tennis industry. Standard on WordPress and the Genesis Framework.

January 21st, 2016

I think all those methods are good -- for snail mail. Which is how you should start. 

The law is clear, and this is what I tell my clients: you cannot send cold email to any number of addresses that have not signed up to hear from you. 

That's the very definition of spamming, and the federal law that forbids it is the CAN-SPAM Act.

What you can do is this:

1. Presumably you've identified a problem this audience has that you can solve, so develop a resource - white paper, video, whatever - you can deliver electronically.

2. Send this list a sequence of three postal mailings that drives them to a single page where they can download this resource. 

This is called a landing page, and it should contain ONLY information that sells the resource - and a form that collects email addresses.

It should not have any site navigation, or any other information - just the info about the resource, and the form.

The form needs a bit of language telling them that by hitting Submit and downloading the resource, they give you permission to send them email.

When they hit Submit, the next thing they should see is a prompt to check their email. (NOW you have permission!) Also, for your own purposes, you want to make sure they didn't just sign up with

In that email, finally, you reveal the link to a second page - the one with the actual download link. This one can have your full template, if you like, and suggest posts or pages they might want to explore next.

Best of all, you now own the fully valid, double-opt-in email address of a qualified prospect. who might even read your next email, and probably won't report you for spam.

This method will not give you the emails of everyone on the original snail-mail lists you rented. You'll probably get a response of well below 2%, perhaps as little as 0.5% (50 basis points). 

That's why it's not a good idea to judge success or failure by response rates, btw. If, after three mailings, you've got 100 or so qualified email subscribers, and a few of them become customers, you will have grossed more dollars than you spent on the promotion - mailings plus the web work.

And if you further have other things to offer your new customers - so you can develop a long-term relationship to leverage, and build the lifetime value of that relationship, that first set of three mailings will have been profitable indeed.

Alasdair Clements Co-Founder, GoCAR GPS-Guided Tours

January 23rd, 2016

Metroscan is a tool that could help. But its not cheap. Also will not have email addresses

or then try a national title company like First American  - They have this data service

Anthony Miller

January 21st, 2016

I've used them in the past.

Ogden Rattliff, MBA Believes in team.

January 21st, 2016

Can you search the property tax records by county by state? Sent from my iPhone