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Any recommendations to find local US partner to represent offshore dev team?

Roman Semenov Web development, Mobile development, Outsourcing

November 30th, 2015

We've bring together a strong team of IT professionals and working with US and European customers. Our team is experienced in remote collaboration and wide list of technology. 

We are looking for local US partner to represent our services. Our key customers is startup teams and middle size business with wishes to reduce expenses. 

Also I will be thankful for recommendations accordingly other ways to promote our service in US. I know we could bring a value to our clients. How to grow our US customers list?    

Iryna Avrutova Insider Threats Security Consultant

November 30th, 2015

There are several choices to grow the list of customers:

1) Partners such as sourceek.com, Accelerance can bring you leads from time to time.

2) You may use inbound technics by promoting your website with seo, ads, smm.

3) Outbound technics - reaching outs to decision makers directly.

The most important thing here - please stop selling technologies if you're not a one technology company as Internetdevels or Sloboda studio, for example.
If you have many - try to focus on verticas as healthcare, machine learning, education etc.

Vickens Moscova-El CEO & Founder, Moscova Enterprises INC., Social Media Strategist, Business Development and Brand Connector

November 30th, 2015

I have a company that can rep you? Feel free to contact with the details.

Jan Sauer Do > Say | Digital Transformation | Design Thinking | Lean Business Building | Growth | Innovation

November 30th, 2015

We've helped a handful of software outsourcing firms in the past, however mainly focused on the Enterprise.
What we've found is that software development services is super relationship driven, requires local presence in the communities you target, for the Enterprise it is important to have your credentials in order, is a fairly technical sale (cto to cto) and initially should be about reducing perceived risk then leveraging the customer base to add new customers. Furthermore, it is great to be able to do it all but we believe you'll do even better by positioning yourself in a unique manner and not being everything to all people. This is a very competitive space but ofcourse the need is enormous. 

What we would recommend is to:
1. Make a list of your happiest clients and find out why they bought from you
2. Get cases 
3. Identify channels and communities similar to "perfect customers" exist
4. Target these emphasizing de-risking 
5. Learn, iterate, repeat

Hope this helps.

Steve Owens

November 30th, 2015

Try www.FinishLinePDS.com

Jatinder Singh

November 30th, 2015

Roman, My company www.hatchplan.io does exactly that. Email me at jatinder@hatchplan.io. Would love to understand your team's areas of excellence. Best, -J. Sent from my iPhone