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Hi guys, I'm new to FD so wanted to say hello. I'm developing a B2B SaaS product and had a few questions surrounding structuring pricing…  I'm not looking to raise money, I'm trying to have clients (business) fund the development. I am selling this in two ways: 

a) full buyout license + monthly hosting/support or 
b) one-time setup cost and monthly fee (% license + hosting/support).  

If my estimated initial build cost is $25,000 (onshore, local talent) then:  
  • - how should I structure the license fee for both full buyout and monthly?  
  • - how many paying clients should I plan on being utilized to cover all development costs? I could then work out fees from there. 
  • - in the monthly pricing model (b), should there always be a part of the build cost factored in? 
  • - how should I scale the pricing based on the size of the business (larger companies have more money)?  
Any other insights into pricing structure for B2B SaaS models out there? Would love to hear your experiences - John.