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Anyone familiar with iPrice?


December 17th, 2015

My team and I are looking into a pricing optimization tool for our early stage startup. We struggle with our pricing strategy since we offer different packages, with different access & limits. I was looking into iPrice but wanted to hear others opinions or recommendations for a tool that helps with pricing strategies development, pricing changes monitoring, and peer group pricing analysis. Suggestions?

Alexander Shartsis CEO Perfect Price

December 17th, 2015

Missy It depends what tools you're looking for and exactly what you want to achieve. Are you selling products that only you sell (your own brand) or are you selling products that others sell (national brands)? Price optimization doesn't work for all companies, and for some early stage companies it may not be a fit (not enough traffic, more pressing concerns) but if you're interested this seems like it might fit with what our software does-as it can help some startups, like Betabrand, Original Grain, and Threadflip to name just 3 who use us.

Lucie Newcomb Global Marketing & Business Development Leader | Founder| Strategist | Board Member | Advisor | Trainer | Diplopreneur

December 17th, 2015


We share Alexander 's opinion that some (most, IMHO) pricing systems can't be optimized via software, especially at the start. How pricing is set at the beginning is the foundation of profitability, branding and competitive advantage. It would be a pleasure to discuss our BestPricing(tm) system with you offline. Great luck!