Anyone have any experience with podcasting?

Luis Berga Co-Founder at Music Meets Video

November 13th, 2013

Hi everyone, 

I started a baseball podcast with my brother a few months ago and really enjoyed it but seems like there are some issues with podcasts in general that I was hoping to get some feedback on:

1) What is the best feed program/website to upload podcasts to? 
2) Is there a good way to track how many people are actually listening? 
3) Have you had any luck with monetizing/marketing? 

Since we were just doing the podcast for fun we used Podomatic to upload podcasts and track listeners but it seemed unreliable for tracking and generally not too professional.  

I think we have a unique podcast that would stand out in the oversaturated world of sports and more specifically baseball podcasts and we are thinking about taking it a little more seriously although we really just do it because we're passionate and have fun. 

Thanks for any help!


Hans Gill

November 13th, 2013

My buddy runs shoutengine let me know if you want me to introduce Hans Gill @hansgill Founder - www.simplymatchme.com Customer service : 415-340-2506 Like us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/simplymatchme Follow us on Instagram : www.instagram.com/simplymatchme Follow us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/simplymatchme

Sean Power Co-founder at Repable

November 13th, 2013


We run a podcast at Bitmaker Labs which is student-led called Bit by Bit.  They simply record using a microphone straight to a recording program (we use Ableton, but it could be anything, really - there are tons of free tools).  from there, the MP3 gets uploaded to Soundcloud.  

Soundcloud pro tracks the numbers of listens.  

We use Bit by Bit as marketing collateral and it's been hugely effective.  Hope that answers your questions.

Helen Adeosun

November 13th, 2013

I do interview/expert based weekly podcasts for SitterCycle.com. We use Skype calls which is super crisp and record to Evaer and upload to libsyn which is not as pretty as soundcloud but is fantastic and takes care of crossposting and promotion!

Rami Zilberstein Director of DevOps Program, Amdocs Delivery CTO

November 14th, 2013

Hi Luis, You can try getting some help at:http://anneisaman.blogspot.co.il/ It is a major pod-casting center. Rami

Paul Ruderman

November 14th, 2013

Hi Luis,
Ironically, I do have a lot of experience - recent experience - creating and producing and hosting and promoting a podcast... all from scratch.
Mine is called Every Life Is Interesting.
I LOVE buzzsprout.com for podcast hosting. They are first class. Best service/response to questions. Fair pricing. And so much smaller and more agile than Libsyn. I didn't like Libsyn.
WIth buzzsprout, you feed the feed through feedburner, and feedburner gives you ALL the stats you need. Not pretty insofar as UI is concerned, but they give you the stats... and they're free.
I didn't aim to monetize, and only marketing thru word of mouth, a facebook page, and twitter. 
My podcast is on hold now because I've started a new company, Updated.io, which is taking ALL my attention and energy. I will resume Every Life Is Interesting once some time opens up.
Best of luck.

Helen Adeosun

November 14th, 2013

Thanks, Paul watching the video right now. Podcasting and offering advice is part of my start up so love exploring new tools.


Chris Hayes CEO at ShoutEngine.com

November 14th, 2013

Good evening folks, I operate a podcast hosting and analytics company called ShoutEngine.

The goal with ShoutEngine is to make podcasting hosting and analytics as simple to use as YouTube.

I built the product to fill my own needs for accurate analytics and reliable hosting of my podcasts.

With our product the need for feedburner or podtrac is removed from the equation.  

By tightly integrating our hosting and analytics platforms we have a much better grasp on real downloads vs. the inflated numbers you will find when putting a wrapper around an RSS feed.

I've personally hosted and produced nearly 1000 hours of podcasts at this point and I'm more than happy to help out clients and answer questions about podcasting, production and publishing in general.

The product can be found at shoutEngine.com and if you have questions feel free to contact sales@shoutEngine.com