Anyone have experience working / integrating with MICROS POS/PMS (hotel/hospitality software)

John Duffield

February 5th, 2014

Anyone in the group here have any experience in working with or integrating with hotel/resort software systems such as the MICROS behemoth. 
We're working with hotels and looking to integrate our technology with these systems. My research has shown that MICROS can charge large fees to 'open up their API/data' (as seen in link below) and it depends on the type of license the venue has purchased. Either way it seems like a big technical nightmare, yet could be key to our success.

Thanks for any help in advance. 

Dave Lemley Consulting Technologist

February 5th, 2014

My previous company was all about POS integration, including Micros.  Contact me if you like for more deets.
And incidentally Brian is pretty much correct.  If the vendor even has an API to begin with, they typically have a developer program, the price for which is mostly arbitrary.  It mostly serves as a barrier to keep them from getting inundated.

Brian McConnell

February 5th, 2014

Sounds a lot like "integrating" with a 1990s era phone system. Generally when a company charges for "API access" it means either a) they really don't want third parties extending their system, b) the "API" is a poorly engineered clusterfuck that nobody wants to support, or c) both. Good luck!

Max Loukianov CTO and Co-Founder at Gimme!

February 10th, 2014

Hi John, I saw your note on founderdating and wanted to share our experience with this. Initially our company was developing a software-based loyalty program that would be integrated directly into Micros (and other POS systems). We started with Micros and ran into the same issue with their exorbitant fees. $20,000 to apply to be a partner is a ridiculous charge and a turning point in our integration strategy. Because of all of the hurdles, we built our own hardware that integrates into the receipt printer. This hardware sends all of the transaction information to our backend, where that data is parsed, stored and we have the capability of modifying the final printed receipt (adding graphics, QR codes, custom content or modifying the receipt template). It wound up being a perfect solution for us because it is POS agnostic. 

I don't know if this is something that could help you with your issue, but it has been a solution that comes with much less hassle than dealing with the POS companies. Alternatively, my suggestion would be to find someone from Micros to join your board or join in an advisory position. There's a company in Austin, TabbedOut, that has navigated this space well by doing just that. Hope this helps

Joe Stanoszek Co-Founder at Simplicity POS

November 17th, 2014

For those looking to integrate into MICROS I have a solution.  For more information regarding this let me know.  We can have you integrated in about 2 weeks.  

Patrick Hooft Vice President & Director of Operations at Uniglobe Travel British Isles

February 5th, 2014

 Thank you for your e-mail. I'm currently out of the office attending the Business Travel Show and have very limited access to e-mails, and will return on the 6th February 2014. For any urgent matters please e-mail Region@uniglobetravelbi.co.uk or call 0845 257 0332 Patrick

Alasdair Clements Co-Founder, GoCAR GPS-Guided Tours

February 5th, 2014

A colleague has gone through Micros API intregration for mobile payment app - Invisipay.

Idea being to pay restaurant check at your table on your phone. Then the API connection settles check in POS seamlessly.

He said it was expensive and a lot of work. But he got it done.

John Duffield

February 5th, 2014

Thank you Dave, I sent you a message.

Alasadair, very cool. I sent you a message.

Rashad, thank you kindly. That would be amazing.

Rashad Bartholomew Change Everything

February 5th, 2014

John, I have a contact that may have a solution for you; he has a solution for Micros and Aloha bundled. He also has a solution for some other POS systems. I'm checking with him to see if I can introduce the two of you. Best, Rashad