Anyone headed to Disrupt Hackathon this coming weekend?

Hans Gill

September 3rd, 2013

Most people that attend Disrupt Hackathon come with people they already know, and since I am going and am a coder  figured I ask other technical founders here if they have any interest in teaming up.

I wanted to connect with mobile (IOS or Android) developers to see if we can hack something together at the hackathon.  I am a full stack coder and run my own dating startup (www.simplymatchme.com). Would love to see what we can hackup together.  Let's connect this weekend!

Aaron Severs Product & Engineering Leader

September 3rd, 2013

I'll be there and would be interested in meeting up. I'm not a mobile developer (though I have done some non-native mobile apps). I've been discussing a few ideas with others who will be there but haven't committed to anything yet.