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Anyone here currently contemplating a pivot or currently executing one?

Kevin Ting Co-founder @ Facet - Curated Founder Peer Groups

December 6th, 2020

What are the biggest worries or questions that you have on your mind w.r.t. pivoting either your product or your business?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

December 8th, 2020

Such decisions aren't arbitrary. They are defined by ongoing research your are doing to validate your marketing strategy is still correct. There are symptoms that would drive you to re-validate, but you should be regularly checking your assumptions even without symptoms. The outcome of your research will tell you what to worry about. Don't just worry or question, validate.

Nicky Nikolaev Fractional CMO | Digital Transformation | Marketing Leader | Growth Marketing | Marketing Consultant

December 17th, 2020

I recently pivoted my business from a digital agency that offers all the various services (competing with gazillion others) to a productized service business that offers you CMO-in-a-box services (have already started consulting businesses before the pivoting happened) and to tell you the truth I got some positive responses and eyeballs on that. The biggest question was to validate the need and value for this and talking to some business owners helped me make that decision seem like an easy lift.