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App open Beta Launch through Kickstarter crowdfunding Campaign

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September 27th, 2018

Dear community,

We are planning to do an open beta launch through Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign? Has anyone done this in the past? How is the success rate for an app with $20K funding goal? Any lessons learned going through the similar path?


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John Hrzic Growth Marketer, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Seeking investor & partner/co-founder for SaaS project

October 1st, 2018

Kickstarter an make it relatively easy to raise money for creative projects.

I say “relatively easy,” because the reality is that a lot of time and energy go into creating, maintaining and managing a Kickstarter campaign. There are certain essential steps to improving your chances for funding success.

The following 10 points will help you get the most out of your campaign.

  1. Research production costs and market demand
  2. Engage your personal network
  3. Make an engaging video
  4. Create an easy to read Kickstarter page
  5. Make sure your rewards are simple and easy to understand
  6. Use multiple, high quality images
  7. Utilize a link tracking service (like
  8. Engage on social media
  9. Update your backers frequently
  10. Use press releases

1. Do your research Research the heck out of your project before you take the plunge. Here are some questions you should ask before starting your campaign:

How much does it cost to make your project?
This will help when coming up with rewards.

What is the bottom line goal you need?
Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing, meaning if you don’t reach your funding goal, you get no money. If your goal is set too high, you may get nothing, but if it is too low, you may not be able to fulfill your obligations to buyers.

How many days do you want to run the campaign?
Campaigns can last anywhere from one to 60 days. Longer campaigns do not guarantee success, and often shorter ones work better.

Are there already similar projects to what you are considering?
If so, maybe you should wait until their campaign(s) end and see where they fund. It doesn’t make sense to have $70,000 goal for a pair of shoes if you know the highest funded shoe only got $50,000. Likewise, just because something similar raised a ton of money won’t translate into instant success for your project.

2. Reach out to your personal network Everyone knows someone who knows someone. Before you start your campaign, reach out to your friends and family. Get them on board with your project and have them ready tospread the word. Make sure you have their emails addresses and a system for alerting them as soon as your campaign launches. But be mindful during your campaign to not bombard your family, friends and others incessantly about your project!

3. Make an engaging video Your video is the focal point of your campaign. It’s the first thing people are going to look at and if it isn’t good, few people will read further. Make sure your video is easily understandable and gets across the point of your project. Two minutes or less is a good range to stay within since the data we’ve compiled shows that only 40-50% of your Video gets watched and people know if they are going to support the project or not in the first minute or so. Above all else, have fun and tell a great story. Stories sell!

4. Create an easy to read Kickstarter page Separate your content with pictures. Break up section with compelling headlines. This will make your content easier to read. Also, try not to use too much content. Give as many details as you need to, but be ruthless in paring it down to the essentials.

5. Make sure your rewards are easy to understand Keep your rewards descriptions short and to the point. Let people know what they are getting and when they will be getting them. If they get to choose between colors, make sure your FAQ tells people how they will choose. Don’t over do your rewards. A campaign with 20 rewards rarely works. Depending on your project’s price point, come up with 8-10 rewards. This will also give you a chance to introduce new rewards during your campaign.

6. Include multiple Images Showing high resolution, high quality images will serve you wonders in the long run. Use these photos for your social networks,press releasesand blog posts. In addition, if any print media are interested in your project, they will often need hi-res images (at least 300 dpi).

7. Create a Bitly Link Use Bitly to shorten the link to your Kickstarter page and use that link everywhere when referencing your project. Bitly provides great stats, including how many clicks your link gets and where they are coming from. This will help you when deciding where to spend most of your time promoting your project.

8. Engage on social media Create your profile on the top networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). Start building them before the campaign starts, so you will have a base of fans to engage with out of the gate. If you must wait for competitive or other reasons until you launch, at least be ready to quickly set up your profiles with the proper information, links and graphics. Brainstorm contest ideas to increase your engagement, with winners getting your product or some type of free swag.

9. Utilize updates and your backers Create periodic updates. You will not get a list of emails when someone backs your project, so you have to rely on updates to communicate with them. Write updates when you hit benchmarks to thank your backers, and use them to relay new rewards and drive backers to your social networks. Your backers already like your project, so hopefully they will be some of your biggest advocates. Ask them to help spread the word, whether through a Facebook share, a tweet or otherwise. Make it easier for them to share by including short pitches they can copy and paste on Twitter or Facebook.

10. Use press releases I have worked with many Kickstarter projects. One trend we have seen is that press releases will drive some of the best traffic to your campaign. Partner with a public relations agency that can write and distribute well-written press releases throughout your campaign. Keep in mind that running a successful Kickstarter campaign is a 24x7 job with backers coming from all over the globe who will be asking questions. Prepare yourself for the journey mentally and follow these steps to increase your chances of a successful campaign.

Most important:

Build some buzz If your project doesn’t have a bumper first day or two, then you’re fighting an uphill battle. Pre-launch buzz-building is crucial because if you have a good first few days then that momentum can really erupt as ‘social proof’, and you can quickly push past your funding goal as people see your campaign as a winner.

Saquib Khan Building BIG IDEAS -Hire 31+ resources on Equity - I want to put a dent in the Universe!

November 8th, 2018

Hello World,

947 clicks on our pre-launch page in 9 days. I have collected 15 emails thus far (total 130 emails). Does anyone know any service which can help you to boost pre-launch page in the show string budget?


Saquib khan

Zubair Ansari Founder and CTO, CionSystems Inc.

September 28th, 2018

I don't have any experience with it. Having said,

I will be interested in the process, any challenges you face.

Saquib Khan Building BIG IDEAS -Hire 31+ resources on Equity - I want to put a dent in the Universe!

Last updated on October 8th, 2018

Thanks, John.

Saquib Khan Building BIG IDEAS -Hire 31+ resources on Equity - I want to put a dent in the Universe!

Last updated on October 10th, 2018

Good afternoon,

I am utterly confused, should I wait until I have 10,000+ users on the app before I start a crowdfunding campaign?



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October 30th, 2018

Has anyone know - how to boost pre-launch page. I am planning to start Indiegogo and Kickstarter by few weeks difference. Anyone has experience dealing with Fundable? They are after me , but I am little skeptical after reading reviews online.


Saquib Khan

Josh Lloyd I provide businesses with strong, consistent user growth | Envision Digital

June 27th, 2019

Hello! did you go through with your crowdfunding campaign in the end? I am interested to hear how that one went/how it is going.

Saquib Khan Building BIG IDEAS -Hire 31+ resources on Equity - I want to put a dent in the Universe!

June 27th, 2019

Josh Lloyd Not, good since app has less than 1% success rate unless you have thousands and thousands for real followers - which are willing to become backers. The only bright side, we are able to gain some new users.


Saquib Khan