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Are investment consultants worth it?

Chi Chi Founder looking for creative and bright people .

November 9th, 2017

I am the founder of tech startup and looking into getting investment. I am new to this and wondering if anyone has found success with investment consultants that you pay to help worth on pitch deck and solicit investment. They are not cheap so trying to see if worth it.

Charu Kalia Co-founder | Business Development | OUTDESIGN.CO - Industrial Design & Product Development

Last updated on November 10th, 2017

I assume 'soliciting investment' here means raising funds? Let's look at all that you need to evince investor interest and fundraise successfully.

1. Story - Storytelling is really the first step in the process of a fundraise. You may have a great product and a team. But you need to be able to sell it to potential investors, just like you'd sell the product to your customers.

No other person can do a better job of telling the story about your company than you.

2. Pitch Deck - Your pitch deck is the medium for you to tell your story and should be able to sell your vision to investors. Investors will be interested to know "why" you are doing what you are doing.

Typically a pitch deck should have info such as

  • the idea itself and why you are pursuing it
  • team
  • market opportunity
  • customer traction
  • current revenue/margins etc
  • growth milestones,
  • funding needed,
  • usage of funds
  • exit strategy

There is tons of material online to help you create a winning pitch deck.

3. Access to investors - So this is the more difficult, but doable bit. There are a few ways to get noticed by investors.

  • Put your network to work. Talk to people you know - ex-colleagues, your alumni network, friends etc.
  • Networking Events. There's tons of activity happening in the entrepreneurial ecosystem today in almost all across the globe. Attend these meetups and events where you get opportunities to pitch directly to investors. More important is to follow up on any leads you generate.
  • Where do investors hang out? Can you find out online groups etc where you can find investors? LinkedIn groups etc?
  • Leverage online sessions. I've seen a lot of investors do AMA sessions and FB Live sessions where you should engage.
  • Cold email - Great to get referrals to investors but if you can't just send out emails that are interesting enough to elicit a response.
  • Angel networks and platforms - There are tons of angel networks and online fundraising platforms that will help you connect with investors and help you with all the paperwork and even follow-on rounds.
  • Accelerators. Don't know if you are an early/growth stage company and this may or may not apply to you.

All of the above needs patience, perseverance, hustle and never-ending enthusiasm. It can be time-consuming but will save you tons of money and more importantly, help you develop a network that an investment consultant cannot. Furthermore, a lot of investors get put off if an entrepreneur doesn't pitch and uses a consultant instead.

Best wishes,


Founder, Outdesign.Co

Parvez Husein Co-founder and CTO @ Portable Office Company. Exited.

November 9th, 2017


In my humble opinion definitely not worth it.

There are enough resources on the internet for you to create a business plan. There are meet ups and other founders who will help and advise you. Doing that is a great opportunity to network and get feedback on your plan. Most investment (angel or vc) can be approached directly with a pitch deck. There questions will help you refine your pitch deck.

I know some investors who would actually frown upon startup founders who used an investment consultant. Using one of them actually sends a signal that you don’t know how to present your idea and business and if you need help with the basics like raising money how are you going to run the fundamentals of the business itself.

Hope that helps.

Sandeep Pai Solopreneur | Internet Marketer | Affiliate Marketer |

November 10th, 2017

They are brokers, don't use it.

Instead of creating value they just look for money, its as simple as that.