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Are non-executive cofounders more likely to get screwed?

Louis Alley Senior Software Engineer at Grokker, Inc.

Last updated on April 11th, 2017

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I've seen enough shady behavior (even Gates suggested he'd screw Paul Allen, Zuckerberg screwing his cofounders, etc.) that it's pretty clear to me that back-stabbing is common, even if it a low percentage and even if it's unethical. If you are a founder at a company, but you're not an executive, then you'd have less insight into the deal-making at the top. In theory, if you were a large share holder, you should have some control through however you negotiated that, but in practice it seems like the people at the top have by far the best and most complete information to work with (i.e. more than the board). For more experienced people than me: What have you seen? Is this mostly about preemption?