Decision making

Are there any startups facilitating decision making process?

Michal Stefanow

September 15th, 2015

Recently I've been shopping for a flat to rent and I had certain criteria.

Recently I've been shopping for a mountain trek and I had certain criteria.

So many options, so many competing vendors, so much information and a principle: "they don't have my best interest in mind" (they are here for profit)

I really wish I was able to public my criteria - my expectations - my dates - my budget and allow others to provide me best offer.

I saw some startups offering similar thing with commodity services such as:
* locksmith
* man and van
* plumbing
(but these are minor things - even if I pay $50 instead of $40 - no harm done)

In my case - renting a flat (long term and expensive decision) and mountain trek (one shot - I don't travel that much and I want it right) I feel a little bit lost and lonely... I was making notes, sending emails, putting stuff in GoogleDocs but eventually they are all the same and 'you always get what you pay for'.

Yeah... It would be nice if an AI could make a decision for me... Any thoughts?