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Has anyone seen examples (commercial applications) using the power of "outsourcing to the cloud" to distribute to a network of reviewers (e.g. of cheap labour, like Amazon Mechanical Turk) to review exams, or grade performances by checking videos ?

Before the age of AI, systems like PageRank (Google Maps, or Upwork, to some extent) set the example of how to leverage human intelligence to provide human-qualified content for consumption by other (paying) humans.

Don't recall seeing examples of that applied to distributing review work ?

As a hypothetical example : outsourcing reviews of snowboarding competition videos, to a pool of veteran snowboarders, to give cores for snowboarding technique. Assume the reviewers were pre-qualified and vetted to ensure application of the same grading technique, same scoring - the question is has anyone tried outsourcing reviews, through distribution to a cloud ?