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Alex Tolmasoff

Sales Training Manager at McKesson

Hi there,

We\'re getting ready to launch our startup; a new private health insurance
exchange. Our goal is to make offering health benefits (medical, dental,
vision) to your employees both painless and completely customizable so
people get the benefits they need quickly and easily. There are even
gamification and social components within the business model, just to make
it extra schnazzy.

*As fellow startup founders, if any of the below describes you, I\'d like to
chat with you for 10-15 mins* -- I\'m looking to further refine our
offering, and continue validating our market research/financials:

   1. If you\'re considering offering health benefits in the near future
   (we\'d like to talk to you about your needs, and maybe even pilot our
   service with you (for free, of course))
   2. If you just added a benefits package for your employees (we\'d like to
   learn how the process went, see if we can identify additional pain points)
   3. If you have a benefits package that you offer, but you/your employees
   aren\'t satisfied (we\'d like to learn more about that, and what options
   you\'re considering in the wake of the Affordable Care Act)

Finally, if you know anyone in any of the above 3 boats,
would appreciate an intro email!

Thanks very much for your help,