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Best day of the week to launch on Kickstarter?

David Lynch Firmware and Python Automation Engineer

January 24th, 2014


Has anyone found any stats on the best day to launch a Kickstarter project?  Or is the ending day more important?

I'm now hard at work trying to get commitment for up to 30% of funding before I launch, which I hear is important.

It is an interactive foam sword fighting game, with electronic scoring.  You can see a preview here, if you are interested.  The video tells the story of what it is.


I'd appreciate any feedback that you have!  This board has been SO valuable to me during this process.  Thanks!

David Lynch Firmware and Python Automation Engineer

January 24th, 2014

Thanks for the feedback Devon. Yes, I do plan to reach out to everyone who has a passion for this product, to make it better.  My goal is to design a high quality, well balanced, attractive and sleek sword for adults, not just kids. The kiddie versions can come later...the adults want to play!

Ben Sweat Director, Product at Idealab

January 24th, 2014

I raised $10K on Kickstarter. The launch day is way more important IMO. We raised almost half in the first day and then it's a trickle and constant bugging people from there on. And in the last day or two, it was a mad plea for more pledges. It wouldn't have mattered I don't think what day it was. I'm not sure about the date. I just wouldn't do it on the weekend. Your friends are busy. Press won't likely happen on the weekend. I'd do it on a Tuesday, though I don't recall when I launched. Here's a great resource for Kickstarter. Good luck.

Devon Read Founder & CEO of Blockchain Technology Group

January 24th, 2014


I love the concept - really really do, especially the interactive health meters on the players. That said, I seriously think you should bring some industrial designers (or lightsaber designers - on board. Engineers and inventors tend to have a hard time understanding how important the physical design is (I've definitely struggled in this area myself - sometimes I seriously just want to say "who cares what it looks like when what it does is this cool!?") to consumers and I think if you can really nail the final product design itself, you've likely got a big hit. Course, you'll have to keep an eye out for Disney's lawyers, but I'm confident you can be non-SW enough to be safe.

Good work and good luck on the kickstarter.


January 24th, 2014

Hi David, Worked with some people at IndieGoGo on our campaign -- Apparently campaigns that launch on a Monday or Tuesday raise a lot more money. That said, you should get your network to get you up to 30% of the goal before launching "publicly" via any press. So, it might be a good idea to push your campaign out to family members on the Thursday before.. And then announce it to the public on the following Monday or Tuesday after you've got some initial money down. Heidi *Heidi Allstop* Spill, Inc. Founder & CEO 320.760.1154 |

Grant Hosford Co-Founder & CEO at codeSpark, Inc

January 28th, 2014

There was a study last year on Kickstarter success that I read (trying to find it) and one stat in particular stood out.   People with 600+ Facebook friends had a MUCH better chance of success than those with fewer friends. So, starting making friends! :-)

Leena MBA Content & Publication Manager at NetApp

January 24th, 2014

Ahhh! I love this! I think the design is just fine. The video could use a bit of work...maybe take the overly dramatic music out and hire a professional voice actor to do the voice over. 

But the product itself? Genius/awesome. Maybe the hilt could be more saber-y or sword-y?

It's crucial to have a compelling video on Kickstarter...because the virality of the video is what helps it outside of your "friends/family" money network, and is what also gets it noticed on Kickstarter itself.