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Best pricing optimization software?

Sadie Gilmore Senior Software Engineer at Torque

December 15th, 2015

As an ecommerce startup, it is key to keep up with our competitors pricing strategies/changes on the market. Which pricing optimization software do you find the most beneficial and helpful for tracking competitors pricing? (Prisync, Repricer Express, EReprice) Are there other optimization software tools I should consider in order to ensure my pricing is at a competitive rate?

Karl Laughton VP of Finance at Insightly

December 15th, 2015

We use Price Intelligently and love the team, framework, and support they've given us. I would recommend them to anyone trying to optimize their pricing strategy/ monetization model. 

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Michael Haupt Strategist, speaker, mentor, advisor | Creator of The 2100 Pendulum - a simple model to explain today & predict tomorrow

December 16th, 2015

These are the companies I usually evaluate for my clients: We help SaaS leaders align the right product to the right customer for the right price in order to boost revenue and learn more about their customer. Designed to enable retailers to optimize base prices to achieve their sales, volume, profit and price image objectives for regular, everyday items. Perfect Price delivers price optimization as a service, leveraging machine learning expertise previously applied at Twitter, Microsoft, and Disney. With less than an hour of setup, a company can start to leverage their proprietary data, third party data, and customer interactions to price everything right. PROS helps you use your big data to sell better. More than pricing optimization, Global 2000 leaders need visibility into every deal, every contract and every sale to continuously maximize margin and profit at every moment. What Vendavo offers in margin and profit optimization is unparalleled and directly tied to your success. Zilliant Gives the Best Answers to Everyday Sales Decisions:Who to Call, Which Products to Pitch, What Prices to Quote

Tim Kilroy Analytics - LTV - Boosting Profits - Digital Marketing

December 16th, 2015

There are a bunch of fantastic services in the space - we've worked with and on a shared client or two - however, these services are often really expensive (thousands per month). A quick and dirty way that we have seen to monitor prices is to pull down pricing from Amazon API - and stay within a fixed percentage of the lowest price. (A large e-commerce retailer I worked for tried to stay within 6% of the lowest price on Amazon - they found that kept them in the purchase consideration game).

Rest weru

December 15th, 2015

I'm currently working in a project which will optimize not actually the pricing, but the payment processing, giving you the ability to have accounts in multiple payment platforms (paypal, stripe, dwolla, etc.) and when a payment is done, our platform chooses the best option to process it. 
It optimizes your operation with easily, automatically, and without cost to you (platform setup and use is free).
Contact me if you are interested.

Ajo Fod Founder of Quantprice

December 16th, 2015

Pricing right is extremely valuable.
My blog post discusses a recent interview on this issue.
If you're on Shopify, we have a FREE pricing app for a limited time.
Contact me at [removed to protect privacy] to learn more.

Caitlin Bolnick

December 16th, 2015

Hey Sadie,

We're happy to make an introduction for you to Price Intelligently's CEO if you are interested. Our company, VENTUREAPP, is a network for entrepreneurs to gain access to the best solution providers at no cost. If you are interested let me know and happy to make that connection. Thanks!