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Best Tech Angel Investors in Boston/NE Area?

Jared Kapela Director, Business Development Asia Pacific at IHRDC

February 8th, 2015


My company is now at the Angel Investment stage, and I am looking for any recommendations for investors located in the Boston/NE area who bring not only the early stage capital, but also domain expertise to a tech start up. I have found the likes of Beacon Angels and Boston Harbor Angels, but was wondering if there are others, perhaps individuals, who do not show up in a Google search? Thank you for any suggestions. 


Ben Littauer Angel Investor and Management Consultant

February 9th, 2015

Hi Jared,

I'm a Boston-based angel investor, member of Boston Harbor Angels and Walnut Ventures, as well as on the advisory board at The Capital Network (TCN). In my own investing (about 2/3 with groups, 1/3 on my own) I prefer seed stage, the groups tend to come in a little later.

There are many angels who are not affiliated with specific groups. These range from very well known folks who are in many deals around town, to high net worth individuals who might invest in one or two deals in their own areas of expertise. These latter ones are particularly hard to find, so networking is the key skill.

I'm happy to chat with you about the local landscape, but I also recommend TCNs educational programs dealing with raising capital. They have mentors and advisors providing the content as well as being available for networking.

Sean Lorenz

February 9th, 2015

Like Ben said, there are a lot of angels in Boston and many are not affiliated with a larger angel/seed group. I have found a few online resources to be helpful in the past:

Nadia Shalaby Entrepreneur

February 10th, 2015

Hi Jared, not much to add to Sean's and Ben's comments -- there are a fair number of angel investors in Boston, and they have a varied domain expertise. They often have connections w/ the angel groups even if they are not affiliated. Some individuals within the Angel groups may also connect you with some of these individual angel investors if they think your venture might be a fit for their interest. Networking is key, and talking about your idea. 
If an angel is not listed anywhere that is because it is their choice. On the other hand, they may sit on boards of various startups, so that is another way of finding some of those angels.