What's your experience dealing with your US bank? I am especially interested in the following, specific topics:

  1. Fees, such as monthly maintenance fees, national & international wire transfer fees, Direct Connect (for QuickBooks integration)
  2. Non-standard online services (beyond basic banking), such as ability to send national/international wire transfers online
  3. Ability to get loans or credit cards
  4. Customer service reactivity (email, phone...)

I know some specialized, boutique banks for tech startups such as Silicon Valley Bank or (much smaller) Square 1 (https://www.square1financial.com/), has anyone here dealt with them and what's their feedback? Any other bank to maybe take a look at?

I am currently using Bank of the West, but although they do have good customer service and are pretty responsive, their online tools are really basic and I find their fees relatively high, especially when you have to go to your branch to get things done.