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Best User Management System for SAAS?

Michael Epstein

June 1st, 2016

I'm working on a SAAS product and looking to integrate a user management/admin system. It should support the major recurring billing platforms like Stripe, Paypal, etc., obviously offer the ability to manage subscription status, view reports on billing/churn, and ideally offer a built-in affiliate system.

Surprisingly my search has turned up fewer options than I was expecting. I'd love some recommendations.


David Albert Founder & Principal at GreyGoo

June 1st, 2016

There was a recent Founder Discussion on this:

One solution that stood out to me was although I have no experience with it.

Kris Foster Engineering Manager at Cisco

June 1st, 2016

Michael- I'm curious what products you've found so far. Being everything-to-everyone is tough, but even a basic set of features would be tremendous for quickly testing new ideas, delays wasting time on integrating deeper single purpose products.