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Best way to locate accelerators or investors interested in creative projects?

Jacob Johnson Artist and Creative Product Designer

February 8th, 2015

Where can I find a good resource in finding the right creative investor, or accelerator, for a highly interactive product for kids 9-11?

We've completed our MVP and are rounding the end of a small validation cycle in a couple countries.  We have usage data to support the next move.  Now we're looking to take the MVP and iterate from user feedback etc, but we need a small amount of capital to extend our runway past this hurdle.

Any insights or resources would be great!

Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

February 10th, 2015

Accelerators rarely help you build an MVP. If you have something truly built you can go the crowdfunding route, especially if it's kid friendly but even that takes time and money to make work (Video, initial base etc). What is the money for? Paying people? I think it's hard to raise a small amount to pay people unless you have friends and family. Investors will want to know why you're not raising more. if it's because you're not full-time they don't like that, if it's because you're not ready they will wait. My advice, go as far as you can off what you have or raise a real seed round. Good friends and family round discussions here


December 23rd, 2015

Jacob, did you solve this challenge? I see your post is almost a year old. Plus, Jessica gave some great advice.

BTW, speaking of Unity, have you seen this yet:

Awesome on my iPhone.