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Best way to promote your project at kickstarter?


March 24th, 2015

I'm able to successfully post my project to kickstarter. People can get their website approx $29.9/year (including domain name, premium hosting with cdn support, 10 emails (5GB each), complete website, easy to use templates designer etc). How can i promote it to get maximum backers?

John Seiffer Business Advisor to growing companies

March 24th, 2015

I'm no expert, but from what I know, Indiegogo does a better job of hand holding and helping you launch a project than Kickstarter. But for either platform to be successful you have to do the work of building up a following - at least initially - with people and followers you've gotten BEFORE you launch. The era of "Build it and they will come" has passed (if it ever existed)

John Seiffer Business Advisor to growing companies

March 24th, 2015

Get it out to everyone you know and try to build momentum quickly - that helps carry things over to the people you don't know.

Christopher Wilson Tech product manager, Infusionsoft expert, process automation fanatic, veteran startup exec, & seasoned pitch man.

March 24th, 2015

There are many resources out there that will teach you how to promote your kick starter campaign, there's a great podcast called "Crowdfundubg Comebacks" However, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, most of the groundwork needs to be done *before* you actually post on Kickstarter. A lot of preparation and building of the following of people before the project goes live is really the key aspects based on what I've read and learned. I'm not done one myself, but it seems like quite a bit of work.

Kyle Fowers Founder at Gear Backer

March 24th, 2015

What is your project?

Nathan Gaydhani Strategic Partnerships & Research Consultant

March 24th, 2015

Why do you want crowdfunding for this? it sounds like you just need to market it properly. Crowdfunding is to raise investment in a one-off period to allow you to develop your product.

People will want to know why you need the money and how you are going to reward them for early investing. If you already have a product you just need a sustained marketing platform that you can start to promote everywhere you can.

George Lambert Interim CTO - CTO's for Hire

March 25th, 2015

Have you looked at building a scalable cloud buildout solution so that you only need to buy servers as your customer demand requires it?  There are great options for that. 

Give me a call and I can give you some options and details. 


Björn Hammar Co-Founder at Service Design, Sales, UX and UI platform in Africa

March 25th, 2015

Zagham, Christopher Wilson has it right. A crowdfunding is a lot of work. I was personally involved in a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and I was astonished how mush it took from me and my team. It was almost a whole day social media and direct peer-to-peer plus networking campaigning. Wouldn't necessarily do it again. The little I've seen of you work - you're building something along the lines of this Well, you'll up against hefty competition. Here's some old news of those guy's:

Regardless, The server issue is very easy to solve as you go-along. You Don't need to have 20k to do that. I can explain. Also, You might have something in your solution what could fit in our enterprise, but I need to take a look at your backend thinking (not the source code) before I can tell more. Wanna talk? My email is hammar.bjorn[at]

Talk to you soon?



George Lambert Interim CTO - CTO's for Hire

March 25th, 2015

Zagham if you need more than this - please send me another message.

I hope that you find this helpful, I apologize that it covers a lot of ground at a high level, but it should show you your options. Have your technical team review your exact system needs, but these are solutions that will grow with you, be portable between providers, and allow you to manage costs as your needs change.  With controlled deployments and backups, in the event of a failure you can restore snapshots for customers and keep them running even in the event of a failure.  Based on server load, you can move higher traffic customers onto less loaded servers and host many smaller customers on servers without any significant traffic.

OpenStack Deployment can be done to cloud servers through different providers. 

Digital Ocean also has low cost - 55 second server setup starting at $5 per "droplet / small box" 

With either solution if you were to use a git publish solution - Dokku-alt / you could deploy to those servers with a git. The virtual hosting on those machines can be done in seconds. 

Here is a quick video that shows a server being configured to use Dokku.

if you need more in-depth server configurations you can use the SALT Stack to do server buildouts. 

We have been using the saltstack to do server deployments to 

* Amazon ec2 
* Linode
* Digital Ocean 

We have standardized on Ubuntu Servers - with automatic security updates. 
Here is a sample salt configuration for rapid deployment on Linode

Create a 2048 Linode with a 32 bit Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS image.

sudo salt-cloud -p ln_2048 tantalum

Assign it a private IP address in Linode.

Assign it a forward DNS entry in Linode.

Add new ip address to /etc/nginx/apt_allow and restart nginx:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/

Configure YourDomain environment defaults:

sudo salt tantalum state.highstate

Assign it a reverse DNS entry in Linode.

# Note:  Need to wait for forward DNS to take effect on the half hour.

Append the new private IP to /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth0:1

iface eth0:1 inet static



Ensure a modern nginx will be installed

# make sure it is >= 1.1.19

apt-cache policy nginx

Reboot so linode can reroute private ip address

sudo reboot


March 25th, 2015

George Lambert you are right, scalable cloud server could be best solution, can you please send me more details?

Christopher Wilson Tech product manager, Infusionsoft expert, process automation fanatic, veteran startup exec, & seasoned pitch man.

March 24th, 2015

That's a judgement call. Learning is key, so what you learn how you can do later even better. BTW, I have something I want to share, send me a private message.