Billing and Online Payment function for mobile app/website

Nuno Pereira Founder of Tasked

Last updated on November 11th, 2017

What is the estimated cost of incorporating a Billing and Online Payment function on a mobile app/website? And what system/option are there with good cyber security?

Morgan A Serial Entrepreneur lives to innovate new ideas. I design systems for FUN ;)

November 14th, 2017

Not sure I understand the question right!. Are you asking about mobile and online payment gateway to use in your mobile applications ? if so then the best are Strip and Square. The both have nearly the same fees but you can find more at

Javier Leandro Arancibia CoFounder and Fullstack developer

November 21st, 2017

Implemeting Stripe with a freelace dev can cost you up to 10hs depends on your software infrastucture. 10hs may cost between 100 and 700eur depends on the hourly rate of the developer.