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Bug reporting for beta users - Can you recommend a library?

Mike Whitfield Sr. Software Engineer, EPAM, Google

May 16th, 2015

UserVoice is one I've heard of. I'd like to determine a solution that is a) free b) easy to integrate or I will probably build my own button.

There is a typical problem as you grow in engineering where you release one change that breaks another portion of your product. My beta users get reward by free early access but they also need to tell me when stuff doesn't work :):):)

I'd also like to hear from seasoned engineers -- how much do you rely on release tests vs. user feedback?

Imran Rashid Owner, DeltaShoppe

May 16th, 2015

"where you release one change that breaks another portion of your product."

I think this kind of regression testing should be done through your suite of unit and integration tests depending on the regression that is caused by the latest change.

When I think of beta testers' feedback, I think more in terms of "higher level" problems such as usability problems or an edge case that is not already covered by your integration tests etc.

Having said that, there are many alternatives to UserVoice including some free ones. Take a look at

Personally I have used UserSnap and it works pretty well but it is not free.