Building the organization and ensuring its success

Abhishek K.S Founder of IMPro Bright, an organization which aims at helping out people in the best way possible.

May 26th, 2017

Hello all I am Abhishek K S. I started an organization by the name 'IMPro Bright' when I was studying my 1st PUC two years ago. I am yet to register it and make it big, which I will be doing it in another month or two.

IMPro Bright aims at inspiring and motivating people and helping them proceed with a brighter attitude towards life. It is something which I want to make it easy for people to rely upon and share their fears or difficulties.

Could you please let me know your opinions about having founded an organization like this? Would it really be helpful to the people around?

Is this something the need for the hour?

Kindly help me out by giving out your valuable opinions:) Thank you

Abdullah Al Muzahid Cofounder & Head of Marketing at Edubox.com.bd

May 26th, 2017

yaa abhishek...There are a lots of foundation like this. LIVE,IOBE,JAGGO,STEAMSEL Australia is one of them.

thank you