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Hey guys,

I was a co-founder of a startup for almost two years where my rule was to drive the R&D by management and hands-on development of the product itself. During that time, I learned a lot about product development and business development.

After that journey, I realized that it's not enough to know how to code, I need to learn more about business dev as an entrepreneur in order to understand better how to run a business (which is important, not as less as writing the technology).

You definitely could be a genius engineer, however, if you don't know how to earn $$$, you are not necessarily using your strengths to get wealth - from my point of view, please don't kill me

Unfortionaly, I could not run a new venture because I must have a positive cash flow and I thought of learning more about business dev by taking an associate rule at a VC or an Accelerator or something like that.

I'm afraid that working full-time in a VC or an Accelerator will make me a total noob at technology and I will lose all of my technology strengths, however, I am not sure if it might be a good path for me to learn more about business dev.

Another option is to find a rule in a growing startup as a CTO - which will help me +- with the cash flow problems and I will probably gain myself knowledge on tech and business dev and product dev (like my last job).

Another option is to work half-time at a VC or an Accelerator and half-time in a technology rule in another company to not "forget" about my tech knowledge.

I would be happy to understand what do you think.