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I currently own (well, rent really) about 30 or so domain names, but i've never acquired one that is currently registered.  I am considering buying a top level domain name that appears to be 'parked' at Godaddy.  This domain was first registered several years ago and the current registration expires soon.  This name previously pointed to an active web page, but currently resolves to godaddy ("this web page is parked for free, courtesy godaddy.com").  So we have a couple of questions: 
1. What is the significance, if any, that the domain name now resolves to godaddy and not the previously active web page?  The 'parent' website is still active i.e. if the parked domain namer were, for example, "BuyACar".com, the "ford".com page is still active. 

2. Godaddy offers a domain buying service.  Any feedback as to personal experiences using Godaddy's domain buying service or others would be appreciated. 

thank you in advance!