Enterprise software

Can you recommend an export control software, such as Amber Road?

Dimitry Rotstein Founder at Miranor

December 11th, 2015

We're looking for an automatic software package/service that can check a given product (in the defense/dual-use industry) to see if it falls under a restricted category according to various non-proliferation treaties (specifically, MTCR Regime and Wassenaar Arrangement, but not only).
We've found quite a few (Amber Road, Integration Point, Customs Info, ECustoms, etc.), but we can't understand what they do exactly - you need to contact the company, arrange a demo or installation, pass orientation, and they won't even reveal the pricing. I fear this could take forever and cost a fortune to stumble blindly into all these options.

If you've used any of these programs or something similar, could you share some insights on what it does, how effective it is, does it support MTCR/Wassenaar (and how exactly), and, if that's allowed, how much it costs?