Central London - any good ideas for meeting my new cofounders for an hour or two?

Nathan Ridley Director at AxeFrog Systems Ltd

August 10th, 2013

I've assembled a small team to do a pilot project with, to determine how well we work together and so forth. Founder dating philophy - the people are what matter, the ideas can change.

For our first meetup before we start our project, we'd like to meet somewhere that serves lunch and snacks in a relaxed/casual environment (possibly lounges or casual chairs, coffee tables or non-formal largish lunch tables, that sort of thing) that's not too noisy, and preferably not overly expensive, where we can sit for a couple of hours, have a bit of lunch, pull out a laptop if needs be and generally talk amongst ourselves.

Needs to be easily accessible via the tube. Any suggestions?

Jason Velody Having too much fun

August 10th, 2013

You could talk to the guys at centralworking Jason Sent from my iPhone

Nathan Ridley Director at AxeFrog Systems Ltd

August 10th, 2013

Thanks Jason, their spaces look pretty good... I guess we were kind of looking for somewhere we could have a bite to eat as well though.

Craig Walmsley MD @ Progenit. Founder @ rtobjects. Locke Scholar.

August 11th, 2013

Caravan Kings Cross is v. good food and coffee in a great location - there is a large table in back if you get there in good time, or I am sure you could put something together. 

Might be a bit loud, but worth it. 

At the other end of the spectrum, you could try Dryland South Kensington - the cafe is open to the public (though generally quiet and pleasingly calm), but you could book a room if you wanted.

Carolyn Branco Head of Marketing at Snupps

August 13th, 2013

Here are the meeting spaces I've used for founders/braintrust meetings:

In Silicon Roundabout (Old St)
Campus London - 4-5 Bonhill St - 5 mins from Old st Tube. The basement has a huge cafe where startups and techie meet.  Plenty of plugs, coffee etc.  They let out the place to Central Working, but it's free.  And there's a cafe with pretty decent food.  Otherwise people visit the sandwich places nearby and bring the food to talk there. (Benugo is quite good, by Exit 5 at Old St Tube).  Obviously free wifi and all that.

In Piccadilly Area:
YumChaa ( 45 Berwick St.  About a 5-7 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus tube.  Serves tea, sandwiches and has great wifi.  Get there early, but there's seating downstairs.

Nordic Bakery -  It's in Golden Square (3-5 minutes from Piccadilly Circus.  It's quiet. The food is really only good if you want coffee and cakes.. but then again I wasn't there at lunch.  Not sure if there wifi.  Its main selling point is good coffee and its quiet.  I had all my braintrust meetings there.

There are Central Workings everywhere and the have food (cafes built in), but they charge you for a meeting room.  They aim to fit the gap of Cafe + Optimized Office Space.. but they are expensive (if you don't go to the one in Google Campus).

James Chetwood Web / mobile developer

February 21st, 2014

I think its the Radisson hotel in leicester square that has a cafe which its pretty large and has been quiet every time ive been. Reasonable coffee and sandwiches and free wifi. I used to have meetings there all the time when I was a freelancer. 

Ive never done it, but if you register you can work for free in the google campus for a day.