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I am a start-up with a beta business process rules engine application. The application is form-based, so it asks users a number of questions and then provides an answer or escalates the form for further review. An initial client has asked if we can build a chatbot front-end UI, which I think would be a good addition to the product feature set as it could be a more intuitive option for answering the questions in the form.

My question is: as a start-up should I pursue building my own chatbot software or simply build on top of the Amazon Lex API, which has all the features I need. The latter seems like the best approach from a cost and functionality perspective. My concern, however, is that when I go to raise money, a VC may not like my building this core feature on top of an Amazon API instead of building it completely proprietary.

I am a non-technical first time founder, so apologies in advance if this is a basic question. I would love any insights.