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Choosing a freelancer for Startups - Cost VS Geographical Location

Varesh Sachdev CEO, DBA Web Technologies - a US based Software Development and IT Consulting Company

January 12th, 2016

In recent months, I have come across many discussions on FounderDating (and also while talking to people in my professional network) about one specific problem many entrepreneurs and startup companies are facing when time comes to add technical talent to their teams. They have to make a choice between adding a technical cofounder and adding a freelancer to perform some initial technical work on project basis. Both choices have few positives and negatives, especially in terms of costs.

While adding a freelancer seems like a better option economically at the early stage (without offering equity) as it helps to build a solid product which is critical for long terms success for entrepreneurs and startup companies; many startup companies seem to have difficult time in choosing the ideal skill set. While many entrepreneurs have indicated in various discussions that technical freelance talent from countries outside of United States has usually delivered high quality work at a reasonably less cost; many of them have been vary of accountability aspect when it comes to meeting deadlines or related technical issues as they find it difficult to reach the freelancer in time because once then project starts, the only way to reach out their “freelancer” is by contacting them is in their country of residence as they have no contact point or location within United States.

Key to success is to use freelancers who have a US based contact location. We, at DBA Web Technologies, have made every possible effort to fill that gap.  While our consultants are based in both countries; India as well as United States; we are a US based company with US based address, US based phone numbers, and email address. When our clients are working with our consultants, irrespective of their geographical location, we take the responsibility to ensure that every client is able to reach the specific consultant working on their projects within a reasonable time.

I hope it will help some of our entrepreneurs and startup companies in addressing this important issue described above.

Joy Montgomery Continuous Improvement for Cleantech Companies, Connector

January 12th, 2016

Before you hire a freelancer, have a rock solid legal document that protects you.

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January 13th, 2016

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