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Classpass for upskilling? Need your feedback


March 5th, 2020

ClassPass for career/professional upskilling via seminars, workshops and networking events all taking place in person, face to face at various coworking locations with small classes of 10-20. Users have option to pay as they go or subscribe to x number of workshops a year.

Is this sustainable considering cost of renting a space, cost of speaker, cost of marketing events continuously?

Leigh Goodwin, MBA I need a solo vacation in the Woods.

March 18th, 2020

Your idea is interesting.

Your idea seems useful, especially in places where Co- Working spaces have a gap your proposed service offering can fill, and where new co- working spaces are suddenly popping up.

Offer your workshops and those of other trainers for a slice of their profits.

Learning Topics

I'd humbly suggest researching topics that co- working entrepreneurs need to learn, not what you think they need, or what you think is the most profitable.

People/ businesses are likely to buy what can help grow and maintain their businesses, if it's a good fit.

Business Planning

During your research, you'll find that space rental, speaker fees and marketing costs vary based on location and types of marketing campaigns.

For business plan research, check out:

Meeting Space

You might find free space at churches. Some libraries have larger and reasonably priced meeting space.

You might host events at Co- Working locations and bootstrap meeting room fees using a workshop(s) revenue split with the Co- Working space owner.

You might also cut costs by using webinar and other live meeting technology. Real- time, online events have been successful. Years ago, an associate of mine did an online job fair for a bunch of bay area companies and job seekers.

Good luck!

Meryem I <3 Product

March 14th, 2020


Your idea is interesting.

My opinion is that you'd rather build a multi-sided platform connecting users to existing workshops and events instead of organising them yourself.

Would be happy to brainstorm with you on that


David M

March 15th, 2020

You need a business plan. In so doing you will answer your question. I see no competitive advantage in your question, and there are numerous such businesses already. FYI, never ask someone else if your idea for a business will work. You need to asses the opportunity, and if you choose to go forward, build a business plan. Answer the question for you. I have dealt with a lot of smart entrepreneurs and none of them would tell you yes or no without viewing a business plan. And the good ones would tell you after that that their opinion is just that based on XYZ.

Susan MBA Teach LinkedIn for Career & Business Success | Professor | Find Work Placement Opportunities for Students

March 15th, 2020

I think it is a really good idea. I would love to hear more about it. If you are interested I will send you my contact information.