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Lisa Lurie

Co Founder & CEO, Cancer Be Glammed,

I am the co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed, a multi-platform company that helps women recover from the devastating, appearance-related side effects of cancer surgery and treatment. I co-founded CBG with a dear friend following my treatment for Breast Cancer. Three years into our business, my friend and co-founder passed away. It took me a long time to get back on my feet, but since then I have changed the strategic focus of the company, launched a new website, started CBG-TV, a dedicated YouTube Channel, and written a unique recovery guide for women that I am currently looking for sponsors or partners to help publish/distribute.

I am at a cross-roads. My goal is to monetize the business through advertising revenue. Sales and business development is not my area of expertise. I have held off pursuing a partner because I want a strategic partner. Should I now look for a partner, take out a bridge loan to hire someone, or are there additional options? Please advise!