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Altaf Sayyed Diversity-focused, forward-thinking experienced IT executive with a humanist, global perspective

Last updated on July 27th, 2019

My company has recently started a new service of providing UI/UX review of existing mobile Apps or websites. Here we will highlight major issues in the design or layout of the website or App. We will also recommend changes to create a better user experience and customer satisfaction.

We are thinking to do co-marketing our service with some other industry company or other IT company who is providing some other service. We can do co-marketing efforts through blogs/social posts/offers. Can anyone guide me about how can I identify the right partner for the same?


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 29th, 2019

As far as how co-marketing typically works, approaching a potential co-marketing partner usually requires offering something of easily recognizable but not competing value to your partner. How will standing next to you improve their sales initiatives? You can't go at it thinking about how it will improve your own sales initiatives. The reason to co-market with you is because it helps them close deals, not because it helps you close deals (from their perspective).

As for what you're selling, I'm not persuaded it's possible to reliably deliver value given the limited description.

I'll go back to one of my common suggestions for enterprises looking for marketing strategy help. First make a list of each individual assumption you have made about your product, your audience, interest, known problems, etcetera. Test each assumption individually. Don't rely on anecdotes, figure out how to prove the assumptions are correct (and adjust when you find they are not).

Of course I am only interpreting what I think some of your assumptions might be, and I have no way to prove these are assumptions you've made, but just to get you started, here are a couple things you may consider testing.

1) you inherently understand the real UI/UX issues regardless of the audience or function of a web site or app

2) you can fix issues without validating your analysis through live testing

3) app/web site owners understand the effects of their current choices

4) app/web site owners are aware of customer experience or satisfaction issues

5) app/web site owners have money in the budget to make changes to their web site or app as directed

Think objectively about what assumptions you've actually made and it will help you find your real value proposition and how to position your service. It should also point at any gaps in the service you actually need to be offering to persuade customers.

A co-marketing partner is not like buying a prospect list. You have to actually improve the likelihood that someone will buy your partner's product/service by teaming up, in order to be considered.