Consumer Electronics TradeShow conference tix anyone?

AJAY BAM Ceo and Co-founder at Vyrill Inc

December 5th, 2012


I am interested in going to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference in Las Vegas happening from 8th through 13th Jan, 2013 ( to explore partnerships and chat up with the big brands. Like any startup, we are cash starved and trying to figure out ways to getting into the show for free. Does anybody have any contacts at�Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to help us getin for free? This conf is not free for anyone and is not open to general public. Any ideas anybody on how I can get in for free? Anybody here going?�

I think we should have a rewardlii section that deals with requests for free entrance tix to conferences for startups in respective industries. I am sure that there is room for that just like extra seating space in airline industry that goes wasted anyways. This could benefit the startups and the industry. Rewardlii, hope you are taking a note here :)!

Any ideas to get in are much appreciated folks.
Thanks you!
Ajay Bam
Co-founder and CEO of

Ian Shakil Founder, CEO at Augmedix

December 5th, 2012

I\'m very interested in this!

Ian Shakil


December 8th, 2012

Hey Thomas,
I will be in Vegas January 8th through 13th from NYC, but attending a
different show.

I would LOVE a tour of Zappos, as I\'m cofounder of an ecommerce startup
(we\'re launching in beta this week).
Can we connect?

Thank you!

Zach Warder-Gabaldon Using the power of human relationships to improve chronic care management ***WE'RE HIRING***

December 8th, 2012

Hey Thomas,
I\'d definitely be keen to tour Zappos, but I\'m curious how it\'s different
from the tour offered on the site (or if it is). I ask because I\'m not
going to be in Vegas for CES, but I could come out if this is a different
tour which I can\'t arrange on my own.


Jimmy Jacobson Full Stack Developer and Cofounder at

December 9th, 2012

Thanks, Jessica. I\'ll get a comprehensive list of Downtown Project and
other #vegastech Community events put together and make it available early
this week. But off the top of my head I know there is a Startup Weekend
that is CES associated happening during CES and a Launch Up posted on the site yet) that is rumored to
have snagged Brad Feld as
the Weeds speaker. Also, Thursday night is our general tech meetup called
Vegas Jelly.

If you are going to be in Vegas for CES, let Thomas and I know. We\'d love
to hang out and introduce you to our community.


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Patrick Gibbons Researcher, writer, public speaker

December 9th, 2012

Hey all,

I can\'t give a tour of Zappos, but if you\'re in Vegas I\'ll join you for a drink at any one of the new bars downtown! And if you just want to see a 20 foot tall frog sing atop a waterfall then I\'ll see you at the Wynn.


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Chipit Promotions Software Architect

December 5th, 2012

Registration was free for early registers (I think from about ~2 months ago)

On Dec 5, 2012, at 8:42 PM, Ajay wrote:

Victor Wang

December 5th, 2012

Curious that this came up today because I just got invited to talk at CES
today. I think that\'s the best way to go, and leverages your time and $
much better than just attending. If you have some traction and a good
network just be bold and ask people who seem well connected whether they
know of any speaking opportunities relevant to your domain expertise? There
are a lot of panels and such and not all of them are filled yet.

Good luck! If you\'re there and want to meet up, let me know. Also, we\'re
still in the process of team building so if you are particularly interested
in what we\'re up to at GeriJoy, please do get in touch.


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 12:39 AM, Ian Shakil <>wrote:

Thomas Knoll Executive Advisor & Business Coach. I help entrepreneurs survive and thrive at building their teams and businesses.

December 7th, 2012

P.S. Excited to connect with any FDers who come to my stomping grounds for
CES. If you will be in Vegas let me know so I can set you up with a tour of
downtown ( and maybe zappos (

Claudia Perez Business Development at Equiinet

December 9th, 2012

Hello All,

The company I work for, Ubiquita has two extra tickets. The guys that were
going to use them are going to the UK during CES. Just send me an email and
we\'ll be glad to put them to use.



Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

December 9th, 2012

Hey guys:
Just want to chime in quickly about this generous offer from Thomas as I\'m
guessing that while most people know about Zappos you might not know about
The Downtown Project ( In short, it\'s their
initiative to rebuild Downtown Vegas (not the strip) from the ground up -
not just as a tech hub but as an amazing place to work and live from
schools to restaurants to technology.

If you\'re in Vegas (CES or otherwise) or you\'re working on building an
entrepreneurial community I highly encourage you to visit and see what
they are doing. Downtown Project is one of the most ambitious and exciting
initiatives I\'ve ever seen. The scope and scale of how they are thinking is
really inspiring. So, Thomas\' offer is an awesome opportunity.
Vegas folks please chime in and add more color - you know better/more than
I do.